Author: Christopher Wojick

Balancing School and Work: A Few Tricks of the Trade

Christopher Wojick in Wilton, CT preparing for a day of work (September 2016)
Christopher Wojick in Wilton, CT preparing for a day of work (September 2016)

Every full-time college student is challenged with managing a busy schedule, but those who also have jobs frequently find maintaining just-the-right balance between work and studies downright stress provoking. As one of those students who’s always worked while going to school, I thought I’d share with you a few tricks of the trade that I developed after a fair amount of trail and error, and a botched assignment or two along the way.

First . . . Keep a calendar and update it constantly. Forgetting something as seemingly insignificant as a homework assignment can make or break a class grade. I’ve found that noting everything in my Apple calendar has kept my school and work life from colliding—and imploding—on more than one occasion.

I start the scheduling process on Day One of classes by inputting each major assignment listed on the syllabus into my calendar. That gives me a framework for what lies ahead and allows me to better plot out my semester.

Because the Apple calendar program automatically updates to your mobile devices, staying caught up is a breeze. Rather than digging through notebooks trying to remember when various assignments are due, I can just take out my phone or computer and click on the calendar app for a quick review of what’s in store. It’s as easy as that!

Second . . . Spend time mapping out your schedule for both work and school. Setting up a balanced Continue reading