Author: Veronica Pleasant

Starting College in a Living Learning Community

To some, the first few days of college are overwhelming and lonely because they struggle to find common ground with the people around them. However, if you’re lucky enough to come into UConn in a Living Learning Community (LLC) such as the Women in Math, Science, and Engineering (WiMSE) learning community, then that adjustment is really already made for you. Living Learning Communities are groups of students that live together based on a common application into that program. For example, there’s WiMSE, Business Connections, Engineering, Innovations, Scholars, EcoHouse, and many more.

WiMSE is a group of women in STEM disciplines. I have lived in the community for two years in various residence halls.  First WiMSE was located in the Watson building of the Alumni residence area, and it has since moved to the NextGeneration Connecticut residence hall.  The group of girls has changed from year to year, but I am still particularly close with the now sophomores of WiMSE. The best part of WiMSE is the mutual understanding between everyone. We all are familiar with the very challenging classes that accompany a STEM major, and find fellowship in the stress of attempting to be accepted into graduate school. WiMSE has given me my best friend, a wonderful position in undergraduate research, many personal and professional connections, as well as a happy place to call home. To anyone coming into college or feeling lost, a living learning community is really the way to go.

Amidst the confusion and stress of change during my first semester freshman year, WiMSE was where I was most comfortable. As I grew out of my comfort zone, WiMSE became a familiar, welcoming place where I knew I could always find others who felt the same way as I did. That sense of unity is something only found in the commonalities of living in the same learning community. Thanks to WiMSE, I am happy, grounded and successful at UConn. Living learning communities are UConn’s hidden gems!

WiMSE 2015 posing at the Learning Community Kick Off!
WiMSE 2015 posing at the Learning Community Kick Off!