Jessica Griffin

Jessica is a senior studying Environmental Science and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school in Environmental Biology or Biological Oceanography. Ultimately, she would love to work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the U.S. Geological Survey. She is passionate about environmental justice, world travel, and the wonders of the ocean.

Jessica is an intern at the UConn Office of Environmental Policy, a member of the UConn Archery Club, and secretary of the EcoHusky Student Group. She has worked as an undergraduate researcher in biological oceanography, and received an IDEA Grant for her project investigating how the feeding behavior of zooplankton Acartia tonsa is affected by prey toxicity. This is her second year as an ambassador, and she is excited to also be working as the Student Coordinator for ambassadors this year.

High School Attended: East Lyme High School, CT

Favorite Dairy Bar Ice Cream Flavor: Banana Chocolate Chip

Three Pieces of Advice for Prospective Students:

  1. Meeting new people and making friends is a wonderful part of life at UConn, but don’t be afraid to spend some time on your own. Sometimes it’s quite nice to take a walk or have a meal by yourself. Take that time to think about things and be comfortable without constant companionship.
  2. Write down all your test dates in a planner as soon as you get them in Week 1- that way, you can plan ahead if you happen to have several tests in the same week.
  3. Take a walk on Horsebarn Hill- it’s a fantastic view.