Katherine Bergers

Katherine is a senior in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Allied Health Sciences. After she finishes her degree she plans to pursue a career in medicine, and is passionately exploring different specialties to find her ultimate home serving the medical community.

At home, Katherine enjoys working on a local farm where she continues to learn about current agriculture practices and the growing importance of care and maintenance of our environment. Her growing interest and past experiences have helped push her to pursue the position of College Ambassador. Katherine is interested in all aspects that the College has to offer ranging from agriculture, sustainable practices, and health sciences. She is excited to share information with prospective students and help others find their passion.

High School Attended: Trumbull High School, CT

Favorite Dairy Bar Ice Cream Flavor: Husky Tracks

Three Pieces of Advice for Prospective Students:

  1. Everyone is different and learns at a different pace. Don’t compare yourself to others! Find your rhythm and what works for you and stick with it. Don’t compare someone else’s strengths to your weaknesses – find how you learn best and roll with it.
  2. Going to class is necessary! Even if the teacher posts all of the material online nothing beats hearing it from a highly educated professor. You may get a different perspective of the topic and might even learn it better than you would have if you had just read the slides.
  3. Try new things as often as you can. College is a huge melting pot of opportunity and you shouldn’t let this special time slip through your fingers! Get as involved as you can, make friends and have fun. School is important, but if you learn to manage your time wisely you won’t miss out on everything this experience has to offer.