Recap of Fall 2014

Now that the fall semester is coming to an end, it seems to have gone by much too quickly. As the program advisor for the College Ambassadors, I enjoy looking back at the semester and seeing all that the students and program have accomplished over time. Starting a blog this year has given us a great way to catalog the Ambassadors’ activities and achievements – and there are a lot of them! Therefore, for the last post of the semester, I decided to recap Fall 2014 and give a sneak preview of Spring 2015.

The blog started with quite a few posts about summer activities – from volunteering on a sustainable farm in Colorado to Neuroscience in Spain. I quickly learned how well traveled our Ambassadors are – they wrote about Guatemala, Panama, and Poland as well.

The Ambassadors also wrote many posts about applying their studies in practical internships and job experiences. The students worked at wildlife sanctuaries, Extension offices, summer camps, and golf courses. They also learned how to conduct their own research through SURF and IDEA grants.

However, I also appreciate the posts where Ambassadors wrote about taking the time to relax and take care of yourself. Kayleigh wrote about how to stay healthy and relieve stress during exams. Katie wrote a fitting post last week that talked about being torn between doing what is expected and what fulfills you. I think this self-reflection is important for all college students. The Ambassadors are very involved, as many students are in CAHNR, but it is important to take the time to reflect and relax to avoid academic burnout. I think it is also important that students focus on doing some activities that are truly meaningful to them, and not just do what is “right” for their resume.

So make sure you take time over winter break to relax and reflect on the past and future of your academic career at UConn. I will be here over winter break, as most staff are, but I will be looking forward to the return of students in Spring 2015. The College Ambassadors have a lot planned for the spring semester. You can look forward to the 3rd annual Hunger Banquet on February 18th as well as a new round of Ambassador applications. We also have a great blog planned, with posts ranging from student clubs to senior memories and more!


Good luck on finals!