Man. Line. Ball – UConn Polo

The entire atmosphere is a buzz of excitement, but all I can hear are the thundering hooves of my horse and loud beating of my heart. I race toward the ball at a gallop and overtake the player nearest to me and score a goal as time runs down to zero. This is UConn Polo.

I have been playing the sport of polo since my junior year in high school at UConn. When I decided to go to UConn it was only fitting that I try-out for the team and become an Intercollegiate player. I absolutely love this sport. It is fast-paced, action-packed and very rewarding. I have been lucky enough to start in the polo program at UConn and work my way up through the levels. Throughout my time playing polo at UConn, I have been able to ride some very talented horses and be a part of the closely knit group that is UConn Polo.

UConn recently hosted the Intercollegiate Polo Regionals from March 20th – March 22nd and it was a great success. There were four Intercollegiate Men’s Teams that competed and three Intercollegiate Women’s Teams that competed. The UConn Women made it to the finals and played against the Cornell Women. It was an exhilarating game with Cornell coming out with the win at the end of the fourth chukker. The UConn Women fought back a five goal deficit in the last chukker to come within two goals in the final score. Even though we did not win Intercollegiate Regionals, we learn from our mistakes and will always be ready for the next match! Intercollegiate Nationals will be held at UConn’s very own Horsebarn Hill Arena this year from April 7th – April 11th. Come support our team and see how the game of polo is played!

Polo Horses                          UConn Polo Players