3 Bits of Advice for Graduating Seniors

With only a month remaining in my last semester as a University of Connecticut undergraduate, I have found myself reflecting over the past four years. I have met so many people – professors, mentors, advisors, friends…And along the way, I have picked up various bits of advice. With graduation nearing, my mind has been focusing mainly on post-graduation wisdom. I want to share three pieces of advice in particular that have been resonating with me lately. This is mainly geared towards graduating seniors, but any undergraduate student can take this advice to heart!

CAHNR Commencement 2014
CAHNR Commencement 2014

1. Take Advantage of Your Networks

As a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Connecticut, I will have one of the nation’s largest alumni networks at my disposal! By taking full advantage of the UConn Alumni Network and social media websites like LinkedIn, connect with University alumni. Do not be afraid to reach out to alumni involved in fields that interest you to ask them to share career stories with you, successes, challenges, and passions. Chances are you will connect with a like-minded University of Connecticut Husky and establish a valuable, professional network.

2. Don’t Be Discouraged

My parents have told me time and time again to not become anxious, upset or discouraged if my persistence during the search for a job is not immediately or ever rewarded. While it can be worrying when you do not hear back from an employer within ample time, it is important to remember that your persistence, passion, and drive will ultimately be rewarded. Every accomplished professional had to start somewhere!

3. Enjoy the Moment and Live Your Life

One goal of mine after graduation is to enjoy the time I have off if I do not immediately jump into the working world. Although the time between graduation and working might be a time of uncertainty, don’t worry!  As the phrase goes, everything happens for a reason. So, don’t be afraid to travel, take a gap year, research, spend time with loved ones, and soul-search.