How to Maintain a Healthy Weight on Campus

While studying Dietetics at UConn and practicing my skills in a hands on clinical environment, I have learned the importance of nutrition outreach and education to the community. What better community to spread nutrition knowledge to than my fellow Huskies! I hope these tips help you to maintain a healthy weight to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Let’s all work towards being Healthy Huskies!

How to Build a Dining Hall Meal

Tips for Dining Out

This includes the dining hall, as it is buffet style!

  • Box your leftovers before eating, in order to better portion your meal
  • Ask to make exchanges in your meal such as a side of vegetables instead of French fries or dressing on the side
  • Plan your meal ahead of time using
    • MyFitnessPal
    • The restaurant’s website
  • Survey any buffet style restaurant before getting in line to build your plate


How to Build a Dining Hall Meal

  1. Plan ahead
    1. UConn Dining Services Website
    2. Look for the Smart Check icon on food items
      1. These items are low in sodium, low in calories from fat, and are more healthful options overall
  1. Survey the dining hall

  1. Use the scoops/ladles in the dining hall to help portion your plate in agreement with the nutrition label above the food choice
  1. Start with Fruits and Vegetables
    1. Filling ½ your plate up with fruits and vegetables first leaves less room for other tempting foods we want to limit, and helps to control portion sizes for protein and carbohydrates.
  1. Add Lean Protein
  1. Add Whole Grains
  1. Did you get your dairy?
  1. Don’t Forget your Water!