A Few Not-So-Typical Reasons Why I Chose UConn

Thinking back to senior year brings back all the stress of having to choose where I was going to go to college. After submitting applications, waiting to hear back, and then having the list of schools from which to choose, I thought the decision would be a lot easier than it was. As someone who really struggles with decision making, choosing where I was going to spend the next four years of my life was not a walk in the park. Clearly, I ended up here at UConn, but my reasoning might not be what you’d expect. Here are a few reasons why I chose UConn:

Emily and SportsSports. It may sound strange to hear that sports were a major factor in my decision of where I would go to school, after all, I am here to study. But, growing up as an athlete, attending high school games, and watching professional sports on TV, while begging my Dad to take me to a Patriots game, I knew it was something I couldn’t live without. I wanted a school where it is normal to wear UConn gear head-to-toe, or scream and jump around my room when I win the lottery for basketball tickets. I wanted to be somewhere that I got chills watching the teams play and maybe even cry when we win a national championship (for the fourth time in a row). I wanted a school with so much spirit that no matter what team was playing, people were always watching. So far I can say that UConn has lived up to my expectations of what it would be like at such an athletic school, but I wouldn’t mind if we win a couple more national championships while I’m still here.


Emily and Husky DogDogs. Some may say that I am obsessed with dogs, and they are totally right. Every chance I get, I’ll pet a dog walking by, and it literally makes my day! Sometimes, you’ll even see me smiling to myself when a dog walks by. One of the worst parts of coming to school every year is having to leave my dog at home. He’s my running buddy, cuddling buddy, and my sleeping buddy, so while I’m at school, I need something to fill the void. Luckily for me, UConn’s mascot is a dog, and there’s not just one, but two dogs that are constantly on campus saying “Hi” to students. Growing up I had a husky as well, so I like to say that I was born to be one. The Jonathans never fail to brighten your day if you ever see them around. Even seeing the daily pictures of them on their Instagram puts a smile on my face. So, for the dog obsessed like me, UConn is perfect place.


Emily and Dairy Bar Ice CreamIce Cream. I’m from a small town in Massachusetts, and right down the street is one of the best ice cream places in the state. Naturally, I eat a lot of ice cream. I even started working there, and now get ice cream for free. When I learned that UConn is known for having one of the best ice cream places, I knew that I had found my perfect match. The Dairy Bar has some of the best ice cream that I have ever had, and it makes it even better knowing that it is made fresh from the cows on campus. My go-to order is coffee espresso crunch with the blue and white sprinkles on top. While my love will always be for the ice cream place back in Massachusetts, the Dairy Bar makes UConn feel a bit more like home.


By this point you might be thinking that I’m crazy and chose a college for some pretty strange reasons. Of course I considered the academics of all the schools, what made the most sense financially, and all of the typical factors that go into choosing a school. But what I have realized since that decision-making process is that you need to find a school that you’re passionate about. Find a school where you have these strange reasons why you love it because then you really know it is where you belong.