Eight Countries and Twelve Cities Later…

Florence, Italy 2017
Florence, Italy 2017

Last year at this time if someone told me that I should study abroad I would have told them that there is no way. I would have said that it is a huge financial commitment, cuts into time that I could be working and is too much time spent away from family. Flash forward a year and I can genuinely say it was a life-changing experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to do again.

I did a very specialized UConn study abroad program in the summer that was only with landscape architecture students. We traveled to 8 countries and 12 cities across Europe. I was one of 14 students with two professors teaching us along the way. We spent on average three days in each city where we would have half a day of class and half a day of free time to explore. We were able to experience different cultures, expand our landscape architecture skills and socialize with many people we had never met before. Don’t get me wrong, it was the most exhausting month of my life, but I will always look back at it with only fond memories.

As a College Ambassador I am always looking to improve as a person. I look back on my study abroad experience and have realized it allowed me to do just that. I am now more confident, independent and culturally aware. This transformative experience is something that everyone should absolutely try. UConn makes it particularly attainable by offering several different scholarships that can help fund your trip.


Here is a list of the places I visited!


SPAIN Madrid, Barcelona

ITALY Florence, Rome, Venice

GERMANY Berlin, Munich



BELGIUM Brussels