Changing Career Plans & Adding a Minor: Tracking the Ins and Outs

By: Tessa Marandola

High school is a stressful time, no matter how you spin it. Everything in your life is changing; you are growing up, potentially leaving home, maybe even starting the career of your choice. If you are someone who has decided on college, you now have one more thing to add to your to do list: choose your career. Choose your career?! At the age of 17-18?! Who do these people think you are?! But don’t worry, it does not have to be something you stick with forever. As someone who has changed her mind (again and again), it is definitely not impossible for you to change yours as well!

Many people coming into college believe that pre-professional tracks, such a pre-medical or pre-veterinary, are considered majors, but they are actually considered “paths” or “tracks” and can easily be changed throughout your college career! Tracks are just that, something you need to follow in order to reach a goal. In the case of pre-professional tracks, they are a set of coursework that needs to be completed throughout your undergraduate career in order to move on to your chosen post graduate program. If you decide to change your mind by either removing or adding a graduate program, all you do is either stop or start taking the new courses. Although it may be helpful to talk it through with an advisor, in the end it’s always your decision. Unlike a complete major change, tracks are not added to your transcript or anything, so there is no worry about that. It is a much calmer process than it seems to be, so if you are ever in a spot where something needs to be changed, do not fret!

My freshman year, I came into the college as an animal science major on the pre-veterinary track. I decided relatively quickly that I no longer wanted to be a veterinarian but wanted to pursue a graduate degree in animal science. Because I was not exactly sure about my future career, I decided to keep taking all of the same courses a pre-veterinary student would, just to be sure. After my sophomore year, I realized I did not want to work with animals anymore, but people instead! I am now a pre-medical animal science student (and hopefully will remain so until I graduate) and could not be happier. For me, the tracks had relatively similar coursework, which made things much easier as I switched around, but I found the switches to be extremely easy and not stressful at all and it could be the same for you.

Now onto minors. The university offers many minors and it is so easy to find one you are interested in. I am very interested in psychology so I started my psychology minor my second semester sophomore year, and it was a complete breeze! I met with my advisor to discuss minor requirements and enrolled in some psychology classes to start. My psychology minor requires 15 credits and because minors do not need to be declared until graduation, I am waiting until all of the courses are completed to put this on my transcript. Some of the minors’ coursework can also be used for general education requirements which makes them relatively easy to complete. If you do not realize until later in your academic career what you are interested in, a minor can still be added at any point. The earlier a minor is declared, however, the easier it is to finish on time.

Minors are great way to encompass many interests through coursework. Taking courses you are extremely interested in is helpful both for your happiness and for your resume. Minors demonstrate a well-rounded student more so than just fulfilling the general education requirements. A minor shows your drive to have a deeper understanding of a subject, which is helpful when applying for future jobs or graduate schools.

College is a whole new world and it can be tough for some people, but just know that your career choice is something you can always change. You are not required to stay with something you decided on in high school, so do not feel stuck! If you have any interests that are not directly related to your major, always keep a minor in mind. It is not as difficult to finish as a major but still allows you to take classes you are interested in. Most of all, have fun and just be happy with whatever you decide!