Author: Anna Casale

The Misconception of Graduating

Most student’s thought process:

I am currently a senior getting ready to graduate. I think I needed to have my life figured out by the time I graduate. But now here I am not knowing which path to go. I need to have a full time position lined up for after May! Right?…….. Wrong!


The correct thought process

I know I am not alone in this. This is a very common thought most college students and most seniors experience.  But I have realized that this is the wrong way of thinking. You did not fail at life if you do not already have a job lined up. Don’t stress!  You’re not alone and you will find a job. After talking to advisers, professors, friends, family, and some mentors I have figured out a few steps to follow in order to land a job; and the deadline of May (by graduation) is not one of them!


  1. Step away from UConn but keep the family

Fellow seniors, and other undergrads: don’t be scared to step away from UConn. We all love UConn and the years we’ve spent and shared here! But it’s our time to move forward and find what or where the next chapter of our lives will be. However, keep in mind just because your graduating does not mean you need to close the door and can’t look back. Keep in contact with those at UConn who you saw as mentors or that you were close with. There are plenty of ways to stay involved on whatever level you want. Your time here as a student is over but you will always be an alum and Continue reading

UConn: the Land of Opportunity

A very wise manager and professor at UConn always tells me, “UConn is the land of opportunity.” This is true, UConn has many opportunities and so many connections. It’s up to us as students to see the endless possibilities that UConn offers and to take advantage of them.

Cocoa and Jersey
Cocoa and Jersey


The spring semester of my sophomore year I took an independent study with a professor at UConn. The independent study was an extension outreach with 4H in which I ran stations at different 4H events. I mainly worked with kids 8 to 18 years old. I taught the kids about the pricing of different horse related items and the different markings on the horses’ legs. I really enjoyed teaching them. It was also very rewarding to see how much the kids loved learning. In this independent study I also got to help run and prepare for different shows at UConn, for example Continue reading