Author: Christopher Wojick

Eight Countries and Twelve Cities Later…

Florence, Italy 2017
Florence, Italy 2017

Last year at this time if someone told me that I should study abroad I would have told them that there is no way. I would have said that it is a huge financial commitment, cuts into time that I could be working and is too much time spent away from family. Flash forward a year and I can genuinely say it was a life-changing experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to do again.

I did a very specialized UConn study abroad program in the summer that was only with landscape architecture students. We traveled to 8 countries and 12 cities across Europe. I was one of 14 students with two professors teaching us along the way. We spent on average three days in each city where we would have half a day of class and half a day of free time to explore. We were able to experience different cultures, expand our landscape architecture skills and socialize with many people we had never met before. Don’t get me wrong, it was the most exhausting month of my life, but I will always look back at it with only fond memories.

As a College Ambassador I am always looking to improve as a person. I look back on my study abroad experience and have realized it allowed me to do just that. I am now more confident, independent and culturally aware. This transformative experience is something that everyone should absolutely try. UConn makes it particularly attainable by offering several different scholarships that can help fund your trip.


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Balancing School and Work: A Few Tricks of the Trade

Christopher Wojick in Wilton, CT preparing for a day of work (September 2016)
Christopher Wojick in Wilton, CT preparing for a day of work (September 2016)

Every full-time college student is challenged with managing a busy schedule, but those who also have jobs frequently find maintaining just-the-right balance between work and studies downright stress provoking. As one of those students who’s always worked while going to school, I thought I’d share with you a few tricks of the trade that I developed after a fair amount of trail and error, and a botched assignment or two along the way.

First . . . Keep a calendar and update it constantly. Forgetting something as seemingly insignificant as a homework assignment can make or break a class grade. I’ve found that noting everything in my Apple calendar has kept my school and work life from colliding—and imploding—on more than one occasion.

I start the scheduling process on Day One of classes by inputting each major assignment listed on the syllabus into my calendar. That gives me a framework for what lies ahead and allows me to better plot out my semester.

Because the Apple calendar program automatically updates to your mobile devices, staying caught up is a breeze. Rather than digging through notebooks trying to remember when various assignments are due, I can just take out my phone or computer and click on the calendar app for a quick review of what’s in store. It’s as easy as that!

Second . . . Spend time mapping out your schedule for both work and school. Setting up a balanced Continue reading