Author: Evan Lyman

It’s Never too Late to Try Something New

Working for UConn Transportation
Working for UConn Transportation

It’s mind blowing to realize that I am already in my fourth year of college. I can still remember, like it was yesterday, when I first arrived to campus. Some people I had first met at UConn gave me advice to get involved in many organizations on the campus for the purposes of staying busy, and to have the opportunity to meet new people.

Well I believe it’s safe to say that I took that advice seriously. Visiting my first involvement fair, I had signed up for 20 different clubs that were interesting to me. Obviously I didn’t join all of them but there were a few that I did. These clubs introduced me to many people and created great experiences. One of the first clubs I joined was the Outing Club. There were many other students I met at the time whom shared my same interest in hiking, and it was an awesome time going on weekend trips. Experiences like that are the reward for taking the initiative in getting involved.

After that first semester, I wanted to keep getting involved and meeting more students. I decided to join different organizations the next semester and kept this trend for every semester I have been here. This semester, as a senior I decided to join the ski club, and UConn endurance. One of the most rewarding experiences is being able to see campus life from all aspects. For example, I became involved with the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, and UConn transportation allowing me to be part of the campus community through multiple perspectives. The most important reason for my involvement is making memories that I will keep forever. One set of moments will stick with me after college is going on our annual winter trip with the UConn Turf Club. Every year we have a blast on the trip learning more about the turf industry and enjoy the southern city we visit. So far we have been to San Diego, Orlando, and San Antonio. Each trip builds Continue reading

Wait…This isn’t the Orchards!

Story of my internship career path:

During my orientation session, I was talking to my Turfgrass and Soil Science advisor about our course requirements.

Evan at National Golf Links of America
Evan at National Golf Links of America

One of the requirements was to complete an internship during the following summer. Right at that moment my advisor looked at me and said “Lyman’s (Lyman Orchards) does not count.” At that point, I had been working on the Lyman property for about seven seasons. My first thought was, well I just found the hardest thing I am going to have to deal with. The fact that I was going to have to call to other golf courses, and talk to other bosses that I have never met before had me feeling very nervous. So, I took the liberty to deal with that feeling which is… to put off looking for an internship until the last minute.

March 2013 I was receiving many emails that said how I needed to find an internship soon or else I would not receive credit. I was shown the job board full of postings for me to pick. After 3 seconds I picked up the first flyer I saw. I called the assistant superintendent, Jonathan Wilber (’08), and we picked a start date. All I knew was I had picked a golf course that is private, and out in Long Island. What I didn’t know was I had decided to spend my summer at the National Golf Links of America, what many golf publications depict as being one of the best venues in the world! My only thought is Continue reading