Author: Elizabeth Tomasco

Surviving to Senior Year

Starting out freshman year I thought that four years was a long time and that I had everything figured out. Now at the end of my senior year at UConn, I can say that time flew and I learned a lot more “life lessons” that I expected; some of which I would like to pass on to you.

Freshman Orientation- Summer 2011
Freshman Orientation- Summer 2011
  1. Live in the moment

College is going to fly by and before you know you will be studying for your last undergraduate exam. Is that exciting? Of course! But it’s all too easy to rush through things to get your to-do list done and survive a semester. Take some time to appreciate where you are and pay a little more attention to what you are doing. Put down the phone and enjoy just hanging out with your friends. Live in the moment and seize the day!

  1. Caution when taking advice

Some of the best classes I have taken here at UConn were the ones my classmates said “That class is so hard, don’t take it.” Classes go differently for a lot of people and someone’s worst class may be your best class, but you will never know until you try it out. Instead of taking their advice as fact, try it for yourself. And the opposite holds true as well. Trust me, when someone says, “That class is easy,” don’t write it off or you will learn the hard way not to…

  1. Expect the ups and downs

As much as I hate to admit it, getting your undergraduate degree isn’t the constant party that the movies make it out to be. There will be Continue reading