Author: Yamini Chalikonda

SURF’s Up: Undergraduate Research

As I looked through my grant proposal for the 7th time, I reflected on how far I’d come since the beginning of my experience as an undergraduate research assistant. I had been working at the Agriculture Biotechnology Laboratory for 2 semesters before I started becoming curious and developing research questions of my own.

When I first heard about being involved in research, I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I thought I would give it a try. I worked with a graduate student who was my main mentor and taught me everything I know about procedures, problem solving, and analyzing data. I ended up loving research so much that I thought I could find ways to become even more involved. I was introduced to the concept of undergraduate research grants at the Career Night hosted by CAHNR, but I was hesitant to apply due to the competitive nature of funding. Never would I have imagined that my research proposal would be accepted!

I applied for a SURF or Summer Undergraduate Research Fund award, in January 2014. The application consisted of Continue reading