Author: Yarden Tepper

An Open Letter to Freshmen

As a senior, I’ve begun to look back at my four years at this university. This is a place that I’ve learned to love and call home. As I reflect upon my experience here, I realized that I’ve accomplished most of what I wanted to while having the time of my life. That being said, I’ve learned quite a few lessons and some things I wish I had known earlier. So to the entire new freshmen class, this is my advice to you:

Yarden at a Club Gymnastics competition
Yarden at a Club Gymnastics competition

Take care of your health: This is bar none, the most important thing in my eyes. Sleep is excruciatingly important for memory, alertness, weight, and overall wellness. One night of poor sleep can lead to days of negative effects. Eat right: nutrients fuel our body, make sure you are eating well-balanced meals, and don’t skip meals. It is detrimental to your well-being and energy levels. Exercise: Find something that works for you. Not everyone wants the typical treadmill workout and that’s completely fine! Try a BodyWise class, or get involved in a fun club that involves physical activity. If none of that is for you, try to walk to class instead of taking the bus! Not only is it good for you, but it’s also beautiful and can be a huge stress reliever after a long day.

Get involved: Whether it’s a sorority or fraternity, a club sports team, an intramural team, an academic club, community service events, a religious group like Hillel or the campus church; it doesn’t matter- just get involved in something! It is a wonderful way to meet people and gives you things outside of class to be a part of.

Grades are important: Coming from high school into Continue reading

Refocusing Your Passions

Yarden competing in GymnasticsPrior to college, I followed practically the same routine each day. I would go to school, go to practice for four hours, come home, do my homework, stretch, and sleep. I did this happily for the sport I love, gymnastics.

Gymnastics was my whole world growing up. That is, until the day I found out I had stress fractured two of my spinal vertebrae. I only found this out after competing for an entire season on the injury I didn’t know I had. This left me with irreparable damage to my back and quite lost in this world. All I had ever known was taken away from me in a moment. So what happens when the only thing you know is gone in an instant?

There I was, confused, flustered and quite heartbroken. I didn’t know a world without gymnastics in it. Every doctor I saw told me the same disheartening news; I wasn’t going to get back into gymnastics. That was when I began aggressive physical therapy, in hopes of a full recovery. I went several times a week, followed the exercises religiously. My physical therapist became more to me than someone who helped me physically feel better. I felt stronger mentally, like I could conquer anything. Eventually, I started getting better. I was remarkably able to make a comeback. My life felt like it came back together with the help of my physical therapist. This was when I decided I wanted to help others the way she helped me. That was when I found my career path.

This is the answer to my question, “So what happens when the only thing you know is gone in an instant?” It’s simple; you Continue reading