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The Ambassador Blog is Back!

As all new students were moving into their residence halls last Friday, the Ambassadors were back on campus learning about CAHNR programs and honing their leadership skills. This year’s cohort of 21 students span 10 majors, four states, and a variety of academic backgrounds. There are Ambassadors who were transfer students, regional campus transfers, Honors students, and Ratcliffe Hicks graduates. Check out their profiles on the current Ambassador roster page.

The Ambassadors are also looking forward to sharing their experiences every Thursday on the blog. Check back weekly for new stories about study abroad, internships, research, clubs, and general advice. Get excited for a great semester!

  • Ambassadors with Dean Faustman
    Ambassadors with Dean Faustman

Congratulations Senior Ambassadors!

For the last Ambassador blog post of the 2015-2016 academic year, I would like to thank the graduating seniors. We have 11 Ambassadors who are participating in May Commencement this year, who leave behind a legacy of service and commitment.

Out of the 11 graduating Ambassadors, we have one who has dedicated an impressive four years to the program, and five that have served for three years. Several of the Ambassadors have helped organize the College’s Hunger Banquet, raising money to aid hunger relief through Foodshare. Six of the 11 Ambassadors have also participated in some form of study abroad, going to places from Poland to Hawaii.

And oh are these Ambassadors going places after Commencement! Some have already been admitted to graduate school, while others secured full-time employment in their field of study. We wish them all the best as they figure out their next steps in life after graduation. Good luck Ambassador Alumni!

Ambassador Seniors

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Announcing the New Ambassador Cohort for Fall 2016

Spring semester for College Ambassadors means recruitment and hiring season! This year a group of four current Ambassadors and the program advisor formed a selection committee to take on this daunting task. Applications were up this year, and with 59 students applying we were able to narrow it down to 26 interviews. Competition was tough this year, but we are very exciting to announce our new cohort for the 2016-2017 academic year. They will make an excellent group, bringing diverse perspectives from various backgrounds and academic disciplines. Please congratulate our new Ambassadors and thank our returning Ambassadors for their efforts in recruitment for and service to our College and University.


New Ambassadors:

Theresa Armijo, Natural Resources (May ’18)

Emily Chu, Allied Health Sciences (May ’19)

Kelly Chuquihuanca, Animal Science AAS (May ’16), Animal Science BS (May ’18)

Alyssa Condon, Animal Science, (adding Resource Economic), (May ’18)

Melinda (Mindy) Gosselin, Natural Resources (May ’19)

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New Ambassador Cohort

Welcome new students, and welcome back returning students! Here in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources the summer went by fast, and we have been looking forward to your return!

The 2015-2016 academic year brings in a brand new College Ambassador cohort. They are a fantastic and accomplished group of 21 undergraduates from across the College. Some have studied abroad in South Africa and Spain, conducted original research under IDEA and SURF, and interned in places like the Beardsley Zoo and even in Taiwan.

Plant Science Research Farm Tour (2015)
Plant Science Research Farm Tour (2015)

The College Ambassadors came back a few days early to go through an extensive two-day Orientation. They developed their skills as leaders through the Four Arrows ropes course, public speaking practice, and teamwork activities. The Ambassadors also traveled across campus to visit some of our academic departments. They saw our facilities in Gampel Pavilion, where Athletic Training and Exercise Science majors get hands-on experience in the labs and clinical settings. They visited the Plant Science Research Farm to see the experiments that faculty have going on in the fields. The Ambassadors also traveled to the Pathobiology and Veterinary Science department in Atwater to learn about Histology and see how students can get involved in the state diagnostic lab.

The Ambassadors are now ready to share all the exciting things they learned with current and prospective students and their families throughout the year. They are also excited to develop their skills as student leaders in the College and community. If this program interests you,  keep a look out for our application in February!

Ambassadors with Jonathan (2015)

Another Great Year for CAHNR Ambassadors

Congratulations SeniorsAnother academic year has come to a close, and as the program advisor for the College Ambassadors, it is bittersweet. Every year around this time I have to say goodbye to another amazing cohort of Ambassadors who are graduating, and welcome a new cohort full of ambition and potential.

We have 11 graduating Ambassadors this May, and one who graduated in December. This cohort is a special group, as they have helped grow and improve the program immensely. Five of the graduating seniors have been Ambassadors for three years! All of these students have dedicated their time and energy into this program, spreading their passion for CAHNR and RHSA to the community. Over the past few years we increased our commitment to community service, implemented an annual Hunger Banquet, created this blog, and offered additional training and professional development programs. The College Ambassadors have become recognized leaders in our community.

Congratulations to our graduating Ambassadors! As a College we are very proud of their accomplishments and service, and are excited to see all that they accomplish in the future. I am also personally very proud of each and every one of them, knowing all that they overcame and sacrificed to be dedicated student leaders. Enjoy the Commencement ceremony on Saturday – we will be cheering as you cross that stage.

Senior Compilation

(from left to right)

Yamini Chalikonda, Allied Health Sciences

Emily Daly, Natural Resources

Audriana Finney, Animal Science

Alycia Fulton, Animal Science

Meredith Hillmon, Environmental Sciences

Elizabeth Houston, Pathobiology

Sumia Hussain, Allied Health Sciences

Katie Lainas, Nutritional Sciences & Pathobiology

Katelyn McFadden, Animal Science

Elizabeth Petrosus, Animal Science (December grad)

Elizabeth Tomasco, Diagnostic Genetic Sciences

Dustin Yaworski, Allied Health Sciences

Recap of Fall 2014

Now that the fall semester is coming to an end, it seems to have gone by much too quickly. As the program advisor for the College Ambassadors, I enjoy looking back at the semester and seeing all that the students and program have accomplished over time. Starting a blog this year has given us a great way to catalog the Ambassadors’ activities and achievements – and there are a lot of them! Therefore, for the last post of the semester, I decided to recap Fall 2014 and give a sneak preview of Spring 2015.

The blog started with quite a few posts about summer activities – from volunteering on a sustainable farm in Colorado to Neuroscience in Spain. I quickly learned how well traveled our Ambassadors are – they wrote about Guatemala, Panama, and Poland as well.

The Ambassadors also wrote many posts about applying their studies in practical internships and job experiences. The students worked at wildlife sanctuaries, Extension offices, summer camps, and golf courses. They also learned how to conduct their own research through SURF and IDEA grants.

However, I also appreciate the posts where Ambassadors wrote about taking the time to relax and take care of yourself. Kayleigh wrote about how to stay healthy and relieve stress during exams. Katie wrote a fitting post last week that talked about being torn between doing what is expected and what fulfills you. I think this self-reflection is important for all college students. The Ambassadors are very involved, as many students are in CAHNR, but it is important to take the time to reflect and relax to avoid academic burnout. I think it is also important that students focus on doing some activities that are truly meaningful to them, and not just do what is “right” for their resume.

So make sure you take time over winter break to relax and reflect on the past and future of your academic career at UConn. I will be here over winter break, as most staff are, but I will be looking forward to the return of students in Spring 2015. The College Ambassadors have a lot planned for the spring semester. You can look forward to the 3rd annual Hunger Banquet on February 18th as well as a new round of Ambassador applications. We also have a great blog planned, with posts ranging from student clubs to senior memories and more!


Good luck on finals!

Welcome to the Ambassador Blog!

The College Ambassadors are very excited to share their experiences throughout the academic year with you!

Ambassadors will post stories about study abroad, internships, club involvement, and research opportunities. These are all real stories from our current College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources students.

Look forward to posts every Thursday throughout the academic year!