Danny Munch

Danny is currently a junior in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in an Individualized major called Livestock Management and Policy with a declared second major in Applied and Resource Economics. Danny has always loved all animals from obscure creature like tarantulas and scorpions all the way to beef cattle, exotic pheasants, and saltwater corals. Danny loves observing how animals interact with their environments and learning about their specific care needs. He hopes to use this animal passion and eventually open up an animal related business capitalizing on the retail of sustainably resourced pets (such as saltwater fish bred in captivity instead of caught in the ocean) as well as giving people the resources they need to grow their own food in their backyard.

In his first semester at UConn he founded the Aqua-Life club which seeks to increase student knowledge in the aquarium hobby. He will continue to be president of Aqua-Life club into his third year. Freshman year he joined and was active in UConn’s Poultry Science Club and has attended the International Poultry Production Expo in Atlanta, GA twice. He was fortunate to be elected president of the poultry science club in his sophomore and junior years. In summer of 2017 Danny studied abroad with the School for Field Studies in New Zealand and Australia. There he focused on rainforest management, environmental policy, and agriculture economics.

He applied to College Ambassadors in order to help other students learn about the countless opportunities in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources and help them take advantage of them as he has. He also hopes to spread his passion for animals, agriculture, and the environment to other students.

High School Attended: East Lyme High School, CT

Favorite Dairy Bar Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla

Three Pieces of Advice for Prospective Students:

  1. If you don’t find a club you like among the over 600 available at UConn then take your passion and turn it into a new club so you can spread that passion.
  2. Spend time researching classes and minors to see the full extent of academic opportunities you can take advantage of. This is especially helpful if you have different areas of interest.
  3. Set up a fish tank in your room!