Kaliana Tom

Kali is a senior in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science with a minor in Wildlife Conservation. She is on the pre-veterinary track and hopes to attend veterinary school after graduation. She hopes to be an Exotic Animal Veterinarian and practice in foreign countries as well as the United States.

On campus, Kali is a member of the Pre-Veterinary Club and is Vice President of The Wildlife Society. She is a student worker at the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory assisting pathologists in necropsies. She also works in a chemical laboratory partaking in undergraduate research, analyzing fatty acid components of killer whale, polar bear, and prey fish samples. As a College Ambassador, Kali hopes to reach out to prospective students who are interested in the fields CAHNR has to offer.

High School Attended: Francis T. Maloney High School, CT

Favorite Dairy Bar Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

Three Pieces of Advice for Prospective Students:

  1. Go to sleep early and eat breakfast! It’s important to stay be awake and attentive in class.
  2. Figure out what methods of studying work best for you. Learning how you gather and remember information will make studying for all of your classes more efficient.
  3. Attend office hours outside of class and ask any questions you may have. Professors and TAs are there to help students understand the material.