Kathleen Renna

I am a junior in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR) pursuing a bachelor’s degree in diagnostic genetic sciences with a minor in molecular and cell biology. With an interest in pediatrics and clinical genetics, I intend to enroll in a dual MD/MPH program after graduation. I am a member of the Honors program and participate in a variety of activities here at UConn. I am the Secretary of United Against Inequities in Disease, a group focused on alleviating health disparities in the Windham/Willimantic area, and also serve as a Patient Representative at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford Springs. In addition, I am Student Supervisor for UC Cafes here on campus and never miss an opportunity to play intramural volleyball with my friends. At the UConn Health Center, I am a member of Dr. Trakhtenberg’s lab, which investigates mechanisms of regeneration in the central nervous system to assist in treating optic neuropathies and spinal cord injuries.

I became a College Ambassador not only to share opportunities for research with prospective students, but also to learn more about CAHNR myself. I am excited to be able to give back to the college and university I call home.

High School Attended: Tamarac High School, Troy, NY

Favorite Dairy Bar Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Three Pieces of Advice:

  1. Stay in contact with your advisor. College can be a scary place and your advisor is such a great resource to help make it a little less scary. If you don’t know something, they probably do.
  1. Balance your time. College will be some of the best yet most stressful years of your life. Keep on top of your work but have fun too!
  1. Do an internship or research. The only way to know if you will like your potential career is to try it out, and there are many resources available to assist you in doing so.