Milana Asadpour


My name is Milana Asadpour, and I am from Robbinsville New Jersey! I am a senior Exercise Science major with a minor in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport. I plan to pursue a career in Athletic Training at either the collegiate or professional level to be able to rehabilitate athletes. This year along with being a CAHNR college ambassador, I will be working in the UCONN Library Office of the Dean as a student administrative assistant. My sophomore year of college I had the amazing opportunity to be inducted into The National Society of Leadership and Success which allowed me to meet other UCONN students with similar passions and get valuable skills for my future career. I am very excited to do research this year regarding Athletic Trainers at the collegiate level! During my breaks from school, I love working at my retail job and reading. Like most students at Storrs, I absolutely love Dairy Bar ice cream and my favorite flavor has to be Husky Tracks!